SpaceX’s Raptor Engine Is One Step Closer to Reaching Mars


Elon Musk tweeted that his company’s Raptor engine has “succeed power level required for Starship and Super Heavy.” The Starship is the rocket that Musk eventually hopes to send out humanity to Mars. The Super Heavy is the booster that will also play an complementary role in the journey to Mars. The Starship is expected to have seven Raptor engines attached to it and the Super Heavy will have 31 Raptor engines.

The Raptor engine is planned to power the spaceship currently known as Starship as part of the rocket installation currently known as Super Heavy (previously dubbed the BFR). The first Raptor test fire happen in September 2016, when the company was goal an uncrewed Mars launch in 2018.

Three such Raptor engines are built in the Starship Hopper, which is under construction in Texas and will be used by Spacex to begin testing real-life rocket technology.

Now that SpaceX has accomplish that barier, the company needs to continue to test the engine and widen its time running to provide it can work for an eventual travel to Mars.


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