Space Flights Wake Up Sleeping Viruses in Astronauts


Spending time in space causes astronauts to wake up and act as viruses that sleep in their bodies.

Apparently, the problems to be overcome for long-term flights in space are not only about technology. Astronauts have the risk of serious health problems on long journeys.

A recent NASA research found that sleeping viruses awakened in the human body during space flights. Before we started our journey to the depths of space, we had another problem to solve.

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold Drew Feustel takes an out-of-this-world “space-selfie” during a spacewalk he conducted with fellow NASA astronaut Drew Feustel (out of frame) on June 14, 2018.

NASA astronauts have been exposed to low gravity and cosmic radiation for weeks or months ine there’s no need to mention the gruesome G-force on the landing and take-off says K. Mehta from Johnson Space Center. ”Physical challenges consist of familiar factors such as social separation, closure and a changing sleep cycle.“

Previous researches have shown that prolonged space travel increases the risk of cancer, causes neurological damage, and causes tissue damage in the stomach and intestines. It was also said that long-term space trips blunt the immune system.

Blood samples taken from astronauts show that viruses increase both in number and frequency, while the immune system is believed to cause viruses to wake up.

Further research is needed to better understand the issue.


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