5 Places Approaching Life Findings in the Solar System


The history of the question of whether there is life outside the world begins with the history of mankind. However, the greatest serious leap forward was that at the end of the 19th century the astronaut Percival Lowell claimed that he wanted to install channels on Mars. For the first time, he refuses to find a serious finding about the Solar System.

Well, where did the world of science meet the sources of life in the solar system?


1. Europa

The most suitable candidate for extraterrestrial life in the Solar System is Jupiter’s largest satellite, Europa, the sixth largest satellite of the Solar System. Its biggest feature is that it contains more water than the world. Since the Europa is far from the sun, the surface temperature is very low and covered with ice. The work on the Europa’s magnetic field shows that there are salty oceans at a depth of 100 kilometers as a result of the strong attraction of Jupiter under the ice of this satellite. This environment is significantly similar to the glacial lakes that contain life in Antarctica. Therefore, under the glaciers of Europa, life is one of the most serious issues.



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