You Can Send Your Name to the Red Planet with NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover


NASA launches a new promotion campaign for the 2020 Mars mission. In the course of this promotional campaign, NASA offers passenger tickets and provides flight points for the people involved in the campaign.

Members of the public can get their name on board the Mars 2020 mission along with a souvenir boarding pass.

NASA continues its work for the 2020 Mars mission. In addition to scientific work, NASA has created a new promotional campaign. Anyone who wants to participate in this new promotional campaign can participate and have a digital ‘boarding pass’ produced by NASA. Until September 30, 2019, anyone who wishes can participate in this campaign.

The spacecraft, which will be sent to the planet in 2020 with NASA’s Mars project, will research on Mars and look for signs of life on this planet. NASA, who wants all people to be involved in this historic event, has organized such a campaign.

In this promotion campaign, NASA wants some information from you. This information such as name, surname, postal code and simple information such as your e-mail address. It then creates a boarding pass that is specifically coded for you. This boarding card is designed in a way similar to that of aircraft. NASA wants to include the joke in the event, boarding boarding passengers ‘points’ gives special. These scores are designed just like the airline’s mileage points per flight. However, the distance traveled is very high compared to the points earned in daily life.

If you would like to participate in this promotion campaign, you can access the relevant website here.


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